Together we can curb the spread, prevent our hospital from being overwhelmed, and protect our neighbors from critical illness. Let's commit to:

  • Wear a mask AND distance 6 feet at all times in indoor spaces (outside of home), plus maintain at least 6 feet of distance outdoors
  • Avoid being indoors with non-household members except for school, work that can’t be done from home, and activities deemed absolutely essential
  • Work from home, if possible, and hold meetings online rather than in person
  • Hold gatherings online rather than in person, and avoid situations that involve singing, refreshments, and other high-risk activities
  • Support local stores by wearing a mask, social distancing when in person, and if possible, ordering online or by phone with curbside delivery
  • Support local restaurants by social distancing and wearing a mask or order to go
  • Continue to maintain healthy behaviors by keeping up with routine physician, dental, and eye appointments
  • Maintain a balanced diet and routine exercise

Thursday, Nov. 5 | 7:00 p.m. 

Virtual Town Hall

Here's a replay of our Virtual Town Hall, where you can hear from physicians and administrators at Hutchinson Clinic, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, and the Reno County Health Department.

Daily Activities

Have some fun and connect with others while hunkering down. Join in on our daily activities featuring local businesses and organizations--just check out the Reno County Emergency Management Facebook page.


Nov. 6

Make It or Bake It

One thing’s for sure: Coronavirus has us baking. On day 3 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge, we’re hitting the kitchen with Apron Strings to make a fall favorite: apple spice cake. Round out a meal by checking out the fall activities and dinner ideas on Show us your masterpieces and epic fails with the hashtag #covidcutoff.


Nov. 7

Adventures With Games & Books

For day 4 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge, Hutchinson Public Library Children’s Services staff are squaring off against other library staff in a hilarious game of Emoji Book Title Trivia, a game you can play with your friends or family while being distanced. See if you can beat the librarians! You can create your own game, or you can use the pre-designed, ready-to-play games from links on Hutchinson Public Library’s website,, or their facebook page, and get even more ideas of how to have fun together with books AND at a distance! Show us a pic of stumping your family with the hashtag #covidcutoff.

Hutchinson Public Library also offers many no-touch services including their Library Material Pick Up Service. Simply reserve items online at or by calling the library at 620-663-5441. You’ll receive a notice when the items are available, and you can then pick them up during library hours by parking in one of the numbered spaces on the northwest corner of the building.  Call the number on the sign, and they’ll bring the items to your car. Free no-touch copy, printing, and faxing service is available, too.


Nov. 8

Get Outside

Hutch Rec and the Cosmosphere encourage you to get outside on Day 5 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge—the perfect place to socially distance. See the Dillon Nature Center playlist on Hutch Rec’s YouTube Channel for ideas including a sensory walk, animal track identification, and building a better mousetrap. And the Cosmosphere challenges you to engineer a rocket with a straw—they even have instructions.  Show us your outdoor adventures with the hashtag #covidcutoff.


Nov. 9

Pamper Your Pooch

You’re not the only one who needs a shower during the COVID Cut-Off 10-Day Challenge—your dog may need one, too. For day 6 of the challenge, give your furry friends a bath and finish them off with a bow. Check out PAWfection Pet Grooming’s tips, then show us your pampered pooch with the hashtag #covidcutoff.


Nov. 10

Ding Dong Ditch Day

It’s day 7 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge, and it’s time to treat your neighbors with a ding dong ditch. Bake along with Holly’s Sweet Treats demo on Facebook, then ding dong ditch someone who needs a pick-me-up. Leave a treat on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away. Snap a pic of your surprised friend and post it with the hashtag #covidcutoff.


Nov. 11

Get Crafty

Nothing says cozy like a hand-knit item or a DIY craft. On day 8 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge, pull out your crafting supplies and yarn, and spend the evening creating. Show us your projects with the hashtag #covidcutoff.


Nov. 12

DIY Mini Golf

You don't have to hit the links when a golf course could be right in your living room. For day 9 of the COVID Cut-Off Challenge, Hutch Putt dares you to build your own mini golf course using ordinary household objects – like cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and books.  Show us your creations on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #covidcutoff, and you just might win a prize.


Nov. 13

Virtual Happy Hour

Today we’re capping off the 10-day COVID Cut-Off Challenge with a toast to our community. Gather your friends for a virtual happy hour with a hot or cold beverage from one of our featured brewers – Metro Coffee and Sandhills Brewing.  Show us your Brandy Bunch video chat squares with the hashtag #covidcutoff.